Warren Arts Initiative Shows Off Warren Artists at Town Hall

Photographs of 21 artists from Warren are now on display at the Warren Town Hall.

Photographs of 21 Warren artists are now on display in the as part of a Warren Arts Initiative project to put a face with the name of local artists.

The Warren Arts Initiative, a work group of the Economic Development Board set up the exhibit and hosted an opening reception on Thursday evening. According to Diane Horton, one of the event organizers, the exhibit was created to showcase the artists of Warren.

"Artists are such a large part of the community in Warren," Horton said, noting that the to create a database of Warren artists revealed that there are more than 200 artists in the area. "We're trying to connect the town to the artists and the artists to the town."

Joann Fayan, an actress who performs at attended the opening reception to see some of the other artists in town.

"This is fabulous," she said. "It is amazing to see what these people are doing. The initiative in general is great because it gives the artists the ability to network. It is important to let people know what is going on, and this show allows people to recognize the artists in the community."

Horton says that the exhibit, comprised of actors, photogaphers, screenwriters, woodworkers, painters, sculptors and more will stay up in Town Hall through the end of the year for residents to view. Horton says she and the event co-organizer, Leigh Medeiros, hope to host another exhibit early next year to put up additional photos of other artists around town.


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