Ask a Conservative - A Summary

Summary of "Ask a Conservative" blogs so far.

After a slow Independence Day week, I've decided to just do a summary of my blog posts so far.

My first blog was an introduction of what "" is about. Which is explaining to the readers of the Patch, not only what a typical Conservative's opinion is on a certain issue, but also how they arrived at that opinion.

As I explained in that first Blog, my liberal friends would often not understand, or even know what a conservative felt on a certain issue. Even if they did, they would assign nefarious reasoning behind how we came to such an opinion... This blog is designed, not to convince anyone, but to just inform them.

I also explained that this blog is called, "Ask A Conservative", not "Ask Conservatives"; meaning, I don't speak for all Conservatives nor do I even hold the same opinion as most Conservatives do on all issues.

Finally, in that Blog, I discussed how as a current member of the Armed Forces (to retire soon), while I am allowed to discuss MY personal opinion on issues. I can not support or oppose a particular candidate, nor champion a certain cause publicly (for those confused, a personal opinion on an issue is not a cause). As a caveat, none of my opinions reflect Department of Defense Policy. The DoD is a wholly non-partisan organization within the government. Meaning that whether the President is Whig or Tory, we follow and defend the Constitution and obey all orders unless they violate said Constitution.

My second blog was an answer to a question by Tiverton Dad about .

In it, I described a typical Conservative's feelings on Minimum Wage and discussed preconceived notions of what a conservative is. For example, Republicans, while mostly conservative, does not automatically equal Conservative and went over how even people who are very firmly Conservative do not always take what is considered a conservative stance or make decisions that are totally 100% Conservative.

I think we all understand the above, but a few people had trouble separating what Public Official so and so did, and the belief that because they are conservative(or just Republican, which in Rhode Island means little)... then their decisions reflect the current Conservative ideology as a whole.

The most recent Blog was about . While I hadn't received any specific questions for the week, I had noticed that often social issues... specifically abortion, was brought up in the comments section. I realized that most Liberals equate a Conservative's stance on abortion as hypocrisy in regards to our normally "live and let live" philosophy.

They didn't seem to realize that to me, and many conservatives I know, that it has less to do with controlling a woman's body and more do with defending a person's right to live. This falls right in line with our rejection of murder, rape, slavery, theft, and other crimes committed against others.

I also went over my opinion on Same-Sex Marriage. Which is contrary to what most conservatives feel on the issue. I outlined not only my support for Same-Sex marriage but also why I did and also why I felt that it does not contradict my mostly conservative principles.

I invite you all to review the above blogs and feel free to comment and give ideas and questions for future blogs.

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Jack Baillargeron July 16, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Well Said Bryan well said.
Bryan Palumbo July 17, 2012 at 01:21 AM
I can comment on a stance that he holds, tell you if I think it's something most conservatives will agree with. Any particular issue?


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