Jamiel's Shoe World Closes Down

The 75-year-old business will be closing its doors for good, and soon.

The month of April has marked a number of business closures including T. Now, , a true family owned mom-and-pop shoe store in Warren has announced that the business will also be closing.

In September of 2011, locals panicked when Francis Jamiel building soliciting space for lease. At the time, Jamiel denied that the business would be shutting down and told Patch that, due to a shift in focus, they no longer needed the amount of floor space they used to and wanted to downsize and share the space with another business.

But just more than 6 months after putting up the lease sign, Jamiel's Shoe World owners announced that the 75-year-old business would in fact be closing its doors for good, and soon. According to EastBayRI.com, the store will close at the end of the month.

In September, Jamiel told Patch that the business audience had shifted from children and teens to adults and those who needed specially fitted shoes for foot problems. And at the time, Jamiel whole-heartedly believed that big box stores were no match for his small town shop.

“We do what big box stores don’t do. We measure people’s feet and work with them individually,” he said in September. “Those stores don’t have people to help our customers."

Did you receive exceptional service at Jamiel's? Do you remember going there for your Sunday best shoes or to be fitted for a new shoe size? Do you remember always leaving with a balloon in hand? We want to know what you love and remember about Jamiel's Shoe World. Tell us in the comments section!

Mary Lou Cowart April 20, 2012 at 12:13 AM
If you get a student loan and fail to complete college, no one knows how that money was used and you still pay it back. If you use your home for collateral to make home repairs and you will probably get a lien if you do not repay. The Shoe store owes no one a break down of how those funds were used since it was a loan and not free money. They are upstanding people and intend to repay that loan. If they default, then you may ask questions of how it was used. All those big companies took money and gave each other big bonuses. If the Jamiel Family could have stayed in business, do you honestly think they would be closing? it is not just another "store" it is a families bread and butter.
B/STOCK April 22, 2012 at 04:51 AM
"I am sure that Jamiels, are not like that" You must believe in the tooth fairy and Santa too. Do you think that property in Warren is worth $4000,000. It's probably already mortaged for more than it's worth with the Federal government being the second leinholder. I hope I am wrong but my bet is we the taxpayers just lost another $400,000.
Jack Baillargeron April 22, 2012 at 02:54 PM
To Michael Panasuik; Way to suppot a small Family business, not. So you have information they will not pay the loan back? Does the article say they are in bankruptcy? Do you plan on insulting all poster at the very beginning of your post? Considering it is only your 2nd post, perhaps you should try being a little less cynical. It also would seem that you have a smartest guy in the room atitude lol. Somehow I do not think you have been through the finances of this business or personaly know them. To dave, to try and make this some kind of solyndra Obama failure is laughable to me lol. Like Mike assumption, you know nothing of the inner working of the loan, the business, the family or anything else, other than this article. What gives you the right to demand a small business itemize for you, when there is nothing showing even a default, not to mention you do not even know the terms of the small busines loan they got. Well I agree wih the failure of the so called Obama free money, the Small Business administation has been doing this for decades, it is their job, long before BO was around or even heard of. Family Buinesses are closing all over, 5 with in a mile of me in the last 6 or so months, perhaps you should look at that cause, i.e. no economic brains in state or fed, instead of blaming the small business owner. Especialy a 75 year old family business. Just a thought, of course only my fairy tale opinions. ;-} Don't know why it turned into pick on the owner
Bob Venice April 22, 2012 at 11:13 PM
To Mike and Dave. Do you both have something against the Jamiels. The loan is their bussiness, not yours, If you two idiots new anthing about the Jamiel family and how much in donations they have given out over the years, especially for youth sports, you two would just shut up. As stated bsfore, the Jamiels are a class family, and will pay the money back..
Jack Baillargeron April 23, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I agree Barney, evidently a chip on the shoulder it would seem by them, thugh it woud appear that mike has changed to b/stock. For some reason. In any case it seems very sad that anyone would spout such nonsense when a family business is down. But then again "Karma" has a way of equaling things out ;-}.


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