Bristol County Water Authority Director to Resign

Pasquale DeLise, executive director of the BCWA for more than 20 years, has told the board of directors that he will step down at the end of this year.

The executive director of the much-criticized is stepping down at the end of this year.

Pasquale DeLise called all of the members of the BCWA board of directors after first contacting John Jannitto, chairman of the board, last Friday, Aug. 5, to let them know of his decision.

Jannitto said that DeLise also showed him a draft of a resignation letter that he planned to send to all of the directors over last weekend announcing and explaining his decision.

Jannitto said he had not received the resignation letter by Monday afternoon so he could not comment on it. But he said he is sure that the recently completed performance audit of the BCWA, which pinpointed a host of management issues, was a catalyst. 

“I’m sure that the audit had a lot to do with it,” Jannitto said. 

DeLise could not be reached for comment on his decision by early Monday evening.

Jannitto said DeLise’s end-of-the-year resignation “will help take the load off the board,” which is facing calls from critics for the executive director’s termination.

“It will give us a chance to explore a new direction,” the chairman said. “Maybe we can get someone who is more responsive to people.”

A significant criticism of DeLise over his more than 20 years with the water authority has been his public relations skill. At the same time, DeLise has been widely praised for his engineering talent.

“I believe he is perhaps the most knowledgable person in his field,” said Jannitto. “Someday he will be remembered for all the good things done.”

In particular, said Jannitto, the cross-bay pipeline built during DeLise’s tenure provided Barrington, Warren and Bristol with better and more abundant water than ever. The days of odd-even rationing and poor tasting water disappeared after the water started flowing through the pipeline to the East Bay.

3 All the Way August 09, 2011 at 01:55 AM
Well, atleast thats a start.
Gary Morse August 09, 2011 at 12:38 PM
The BCWA issues were not about one man! There exists a collective mentality at BCWA in both management AND the Board that BCWA does not have to explain anything to the residents who drink the water. The issue residents want facts on is why are we being forced to pay more money to turn back on the old local water supplies we used to hate (even a single drop) instead of simply buying 100% from the Scituate Reservoir? The BCWA Board has been the party running around telling the town councils that the state is forcing BCWA to do this. We find out now that this has been a made up story with no basis in fact. Nobody at the state level is forcing anyone at BCWA to do anything. What the state has said is that in order for BCWA to stay on the state funding gravy train, BCWA had to do things in a certain way. What we all want to know is whether or not staying on that state funding gravy train in 2011 is in our best interests when it comes to the water we drink. The Board has refused to give a good (documented) answer to that question for over a year. Town Councils, you still have your work cut out for you to give residents a good answer to that question.
Roberta Saucier August 09, 2011 at 02:48 PM
and what will his pension be?
Jack Baillargeron August 09, 2011 at 05:36 PM
There is a great need, for the board to be replaced totally right now also. This board should not be involved in any Union negotiations. Nor should there be any talks with the Union, as long as Delise is still there and able to make promises or sign detrimental "memorandums of understanding". There have been statements by the Union they will not open the contract before it expirers, so nothing should be done until the requirement of 60 days notice before May 10, 2012. This the contract requirement on pg. 41 "duration of contract'. There must be massive changes to the BCWA management and practices, as well as the contract and management benefits also. The new Director must be well versed in contracts for work and in labor contracts more than anything. I.E. you do not have to know how to manufacture a car to manage a car company. Knowledge of key area's, however are and should be present such as previous utility experience and a extensive past background check.
Jack Baillargeron August 09, 2011 at 05:37 PM
Part 2 The Shad project should be immediately stopped and not shelved, but removed for all time. The BCWA has been not only inept at the project but merely kicked it down the road well wasting and abusing funds for it. The Law Firm the authority uses should also be replaced. A law firm should not be as entrenched in the inner workings of a public Utility as this one is. When the law firm is giving all the answers at meetings and public forums, obviously there is a real problem as shown by recent meeting and forums over the years. The Tri-Councils need to do a few things also. Either they make they change this board or they should not be re-elected, the people need to see this and follow through. There is no greater power in this country then the peoples vote. The ineptitude of these councils not being able to agree, nor seeing the problem when so many average citizens have been bring up these problems for years and years now shows that the Tri-Council has been as ineffective as the board appointee’s in allowing the BCWA to get to this point at the expense of the “Ratepayers and Taxpayers”. I praise the Blacks, Gary Morse and the Eastbay Patriots for their diligence in keeping the BCWA under the scrutiny they should have been under from the formation of it.
marina peterson August 10, 2011 at 02:26 PM
Tonight's meeting will be important! Please attend and bring two or three others. It is time to put pressure on all three towns to replace at least 2 directors each. Now that Delise is leaving we cannot go on with the directors that we already know have no thoughts of their own and blindly believe whatever is told to them. We need honest, intelligent people on the board, who can think outside of the box, bring new ideas to the table, understand the cost ramifications to the ratepayer of the the decisions that they make, and most of all, are able to vet the information that the receive from BCWA management BEFORE they pass it on to the town councils!


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