Top Five Stories of 2011

We've compiled the top five most popular stories of 2011.

With 2011 finally coming to a close, we've rounded up the top five most popular stories on Bristol Warren Patch. See what stories made big news in Bristol and Warren in 2011 and share your own most loved or shocking stories to hear this year in the comments section.

  1. Juggalos - 

    This story, based from a fight that broke out at Mt. Hope High School in November, spiraled off in to an array of stories which were all ranked very popular this year. Related stories include a to claim that he and his friends are not a gang, the , and the fight victims father's against another student.

  2. Fires - Many fires and breaking news reports proved to be popular this year, however, this one house fire that occurred on March 7, 2011 ranked the highest among all. Other popular stories in the category of Fire included the , and the fire at Sarah Klein's home.

  3. Hurricane Irene - Hurricane (or Tropical Storm) Irene took Bristol and Warren by storm - literally. From news updates like , to getting prepared with a , to as well as , Bristol and Warren was fully engrossed in everything Irene for the week leading up to her arrival and the week after she had gone, leaving many without power. 

  4. Resignations -

    The announcement of the Warren Town Manager's resignation came as a shock to many residents. But in addition to his resignation, Bristol and Warren also saw the resignation of two members of the highly controvesial Bristol County Water Authority, including BCWA Director Pasquale DeLise
    and .

  5. Police Activity - Man Arrested for Allegedly Stealing, Crashing Bristol Fire Truck 

    Back in July, residents were in disbelief to hear that someone had not only stolen a Bristol Special Hazards truck, but also hit a tree and flipped it over in someone's front yard (he was later charged). In other top police news, a body was found on the Thames Street boardwalk back in March, a Bristol man was arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend nine times in Cranston, and the investigation of a fatal crash on 195 in Swansea involving a Bristol resident.


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