'Mommy, I'm Bored'

How's YOUR summer going? Are your kids having a blast? Or are you battling the "Mommy, I'm Bored" comments?

How is your summer going? Let me re-phrase that: How are your kids enjoying the summer?

We’ve been busy and our summer is going really well. So far. There’s nothing like summer. Lazy mornings. Days at the beach and pool. Popsicles on the porch.

There are so many things I love about the summer now that I work from home. And so much I enjoy doing with my kids too. From being buried in the sand to riding to the cafe in our PJs (so our dog can get a free cup of whipped cream). We go to the park, pool, diner, play dates, ice cream shop, beach, gift shop, library and the movies. We do so much together, I’ve often been called the FUN FACTORY. And I love it.

Except when I’m on deadline and have five loads of laundry, dog hair all over my house and a ton of conference calls. Then I get a little frazzled. (Nothing a can of dark chocolate almonds can’t cure.) During times like this, I refer to myself as the eff-in SUMMER FUN FACTORY. And I sometimes turn on Netflix to help take a load off. And then the mommy guilt sets in. If one of my children dares to spew out the words, “I’m bored” (especially after hours out of the house) don’t even try me.

We recently came back from a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The sand was still stuck to the back of my legs when my 8-year-old starts in with the mom-there-is-nothing-to-do-I’m-so-bored-isms. I respond the way moms responded in the 1950’s, hoping there won’t be any negative consequences. “Go play.”

But there was no one to play with on that particular day. I knew it. She knew it. Even the dog knew it. Literally, everyone was out of town on our street. (My 11-year-old, mind you, was happily glued to his iPad in the air-conditioning.) I was too fried to plan a play date or frankly do anything special (besides picking up groceries and unpack). Heck, we just came back from a week away! Then, I took a look at my car. It was unrecognizable. I'm not sure where the strands of dog fur ended and the sand began. I knew what to do. “Honey, you’re going to help mommy wash the car.” We vacuumed, wiped and shined anything within reach. Then we vacuumed some more. We cleaned until my daughter realized just how exhausted she was too. Mommy mission accomplished. At least for another summer day!

The next morning, we rode bikes. Then we had ice cream. And went to the pool. I was able to sneak in some work when we came back - yay!

How do you spend your summer? Please share below.

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Jim July 19, 2012 at 07:00 PM
I was hoping it meant Bored and not the other B word that rhymes with itch. Although if these kids are asked to do a load of chores, indeed they might be thinking something other than bored, at least mine would have.
Cheryl Butler July 19, 2012 at 07:46 PM
As a mom of 8------there are many "b" words I can think of.....but in this case...yep...it's bored! ha ha
Jackie Hennessey July 19, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Thanks again, Jim & Cheryl!
Suzanne Arena July 22, 2012 at 01:32 AM
Hilarious! I too resort to making them to chores when I hear that word and haven't planned anything. As a mom of two Type A's (10 yr old boy and 9 yr old girl), and our house is highly electric and every morning my son asks: Weather What's for dinner What are we doing today....AWWW, that sounds "Boring!". Options then given. Nope, they all sound boring. He says, I miss school (WHAT did he JUST SAY!!!) LOL! Why do I have to do school work (2 pgs / double sided from 2 scholastic workbooks) when NO one else does it. It's boring and your mean. I recently caught myself being sarcastic and actually was mentally hovering over me as I was saying it and thought "Wholy CRAP, Mommy's losing it"...and I don't have that chocolate Jackie! haaa Fun blog, I will check out the book. Thanks.
Eileen Famiglietti July 26, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Excellent blog, Jackie! I am now reading this after writing my own blog about going to the Grist Mill Pool Club. Which has been there for years, but this is the first year for my family as members. (i don't know what took us so long! :)


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