Letter: Animals Behind Jack's Salvage Are Living In Their Own Filth!

Letter to the Editor from Angela Danesi.

To the Editor:

There is no way that . Yes, they have a roof over their heads but the cages are completely disgusting.

Beagles are extremely energetic animals and they need room to run. Living in a crate is not a way of life! This man should be ashamed of himself! Please help them. I am only one person and I hate seeing this happen!

Angela Danesi

Shutterbug ! January 26, 2012 at 05:46 PM
The owner who is responsible for these atrocious living conditions should be cited, fined and the animals forcibly removed. Anyone who has such little regard for living creatures does not deserve to be allowed to keep animals. Why would someone who has such little regard for animals, proceed to allow his animals to be impregnated, were it not for some kind of financial gain! I hope that someone out there is able to do something about this. I only wish I could.


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