Some Musings on Palmer Pointe

Did Sowams Nursery owner have much choice? Subsidized kayaks? Meanwhile, seniors keep moving away.

This week I have been investigating the "time line" given by Mr. Silveira, the current owner of the land on Sowams Road.

It appears from his description of his attempt to develop his land that the Town and the State made it so difficult for him that he had no alternative but to turn to EBCDC, as suggested by his attorney.

One wonders who his attorney was?


"A planned community with open space toward the eastern edge of the property, a common green, paved walking trails and dirt walking paths.
A dirt path leading to the edge of the Palmer River will be maintained, allowing for a space to launch kayaks." 

I guess the new residents can use part of their "subsidies" from the Town and State to buy their kayaks! OUR tax dollars at work!

And folks -- there is a lot more land across the road. WATCH OUT!!

We were told that the Planning Board meeting on Sept. 27 about this proposed development (now cancelled) would not allow any public discussion.


Meanwhile, our Seniors keep moving out of Town.                                       

Barbara Donovan, Barrington


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