Animal Control Educates Residents About Emergency Animal Safety

Pet owners should plan how and where their pets will be cared for during the storm.

Making sure your animals are safe and sound during a hurricane is important, but pre-storm preparation and post-storm caution are just as crucial. Coventry Animal Control Officer Jessica Zakowski provided Coventry Patch with some valuable tips and guidelines to ensure every member of your family gets through the storm unscathed.

Attached are two more pet safety resources from the RI DEM.

Before the Storm:

  • Make arrangements as soon as possible in the case that you and your pet have to evacuate. Check with friends, family, a kennel or veterinarian and have a place in plan before the storm.
  • Make sure pets vaccinations are up to date in order to gain admission to a kennel or shelter.
  • Stock up on enough pet supplies for 3-5 days. (food, water, medications, dishes, can opener, litter, bedding, etc.)
  • Be sure all pets are collared with an attached updated ID and a six-foot (non-retractable) leash for dogs/carriers for cats.
  • During the worst parts of the storm, it is a good idea to crate cats even inside of the home, as they may become frightened and escape outside.
  • Have your pet's medical records and identification readily available as well as a photo of your pet and one of you and your pet. (Note, in the case of a lost animal, a rabies tag will not suffice as identification.)

After the Storm:

  • Do not let pets roam, as they can get lost easily when familiar smells and landmarks are gone.
  • Check your yard to make sure fences are intact and that the area is clear of hazards such as broken glass, downed wires and fallen trees before letting pets outside.
  • Keep an eye out for displaced wildlife. The homes of wild animals get damaged during hurricanes as well and they will be active after the storm. Do not touch or attempt to capture. Should any contact between your pet and a wild animal occur, call your veterinarian or Animal Control. Human contact should be reported to the Board of Health (222-2577.)
  • If an injured wild animal is found, do not handle. Contact DEM (222-2284), Animal Control (822-9106) or the Wildlife Clinic (294-6363).

Pet-Friendly Hotels: (http://hotels.petswelcome.com) near Bristol and Warren:

  • Founder's Brook Motel and Suites

314 Boyd's Lane, Portsmouth (401-683-1244)

  • Residence Inn Newport Middletown

325 West Main Road Middletown (401-845-2005)

  • MOTEL 6 - Newport

249 JT Connell Highway Newport (401-941-6600)

Pet Policy: Call for more information.

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel

801 Greenwich Ave., Warwick, RI 02886 (401-848-0600)


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