Bristol Police Bust 6 After Heroin Sting

Six Bristol men and women are charged with selling heroin in and around Bristol.

Four Bristol men and two Bristol women have been charged with distributing heroin after Bristol police made a series of undercover purchases over the past few weeks.

The six were the subject of what Bristol police describe as “an ongoing narcotics investigation in the distribution and sale of heroin in and around the town of Bristol.”

The police department obtained warrants for their arrests last Friday, Jan. 17, “by conducting controlled purchases of heroin” from those arrested.

The suspects arrested and their charges are: 

Cody J. Cabral, 21, of 15 Monroe Ave. – one charge of delivery of heroin and two charges of possession of illegal narcotics. 

Police said they found in his bedroom a digital scale, cut plastic baggies, aglass smoking pipe, portion of a Xanax pill and portion of a Suboxone pill.

Kenneth A. Coelho III, 24, of 322 Wood St. – one charge of delivery of heroin and one charge of possession of illegal narcotics.

Police said a search of his apartment found a “digiweigh scale, glass smoke pipe and a needle a spoon "works" set in a leather case.” Also, they found two clear sandwich bags with the corners missing and an empty cardboard box of sandwich bags, three syringes in the original packaging, 35 clear plastic bags with at least one corner missing off each bag, and several bags with a hazy residue inside.” 

Eric A. Pires, 22, of 725 Metacom Ave. – one charge of delivery of heroin.

Police said Pires indicated that that he was selling approximately 10-20 grams of heroin a day for about $100 a gram.

Bethany P. DaSilva, 21, of 22 Casey Drive – one charge of conspiracy to deliver heroin. 

Police said DaSilva helped Pires buy and sell heroin, particular by making contacts with heroin suppliers for him and driving him to pick up the heroin and deliver it. She was described as Pires’s girlfriend.

Shawn J. Vargas, 24, of 21 Magnolia St. – one charge of delivery of an illegal narcotic.

Police said Vargas sold Fentynal, a controlled substance, that he believed was heroin. A search of his apartment found used and new syringes inside his closet, several more used needles, clear plastic bags with the corners cut off and a corner of a clear plastic bag that Shawn indicated originally contained heroin, black colored digital scale and a multi colored smoking pipe.

Lauren Gaglio, 25, of 50 River St. – one charge of conspiracy to deliver heroin and two charges of possession of illegal narcotics, including cocaine. 

Police said a search of her apartment found cocaine,  two tabs of suboxone, a half pill of suboxone, corner of a plastic bag, a glass smoke pipe, four oval white pills with no markings, two burnet spoons, four syringes, and eight round pills with the marking, "TV53".

Gaglio told police that she picked up heroin in Providence with Cody Cabral. She said “a runner comes out to the car and they go around the block to make the deal.” She said that "when Cody can't get it from his connect he uses my connection." 

Gaglio said they drive the heroin back to either his house or her house, weigh it and then Cabral sells it either from her house or his house. She also told police that she has sold her “personal heroin” to two friends once or twice a week. 

The suspects all were held without bail at the Adult Correctional Institutions after being arraigned in Sixth District Court.

Sonni Almeida January 22, 2014 at 09:09 AM
https://www.change.org/petitions/the-bristol-warren-regional-school-committee-put-a-drug-awareness-and-prevention-program-in-kickemuit-middle-school-in-warren-ri#share Please look into this and sign our petition!!! Thank you in advance!!!
Lynn Shaw January 22, 2014 at 10:40 AM
I agree 100%..The schools need to let the parents know what warning signs to look for. Heroin is cheap to buy and the most used drug in this town because of that.
LindaG January 22, 2014 at 05:39 PM
Sad I knew some of these kids and it saddens me to see what is becoming of the youth here in Bristol/Warren. People need to open their eyes and see what's going on. There is more drug use going on with teens more now than ever
COBRA COMMANDER January 27, 2014 at 08:35 AM
Once again I see parents turning their heads on our children. Drug awareness starts at home. Not our schools. It's YOUR job mommy & daddy!! It's YOUR job neighbor!! stop looking for online answers & talk to your kids.
LindaG February 09, 2014 at 01:46 PM
And after this bust some are right back to doing it again.....


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