Dreadnaught Fire & Hose Co. Hosts First-Ever Lobster Roll Fundraiser

The fundraiser will be held on Friday, May 18 at 6 pm at the Dreadnaught Fire Station in Bristol.

This May, Bristol's will put a creative twist on a traditional fundraiser as they host their first ever "Lobster Roll".

Based around the idea of the more well known "Turkey Roll" fundraisers, Dreadnaught Captain A.J. Medeiros and his crew settled on the idea to host a Lobster Roll on Friday, May 18.

"We've been thinking about putting it together for a while and now we're finally doing it," Medeiros said. "We're really hoping for a great turnout."

According to Medeiros, the event will run much like a Turkey Roll. The event will be quick-moving, offering participants the opportunity to buy raffle tickets every few minutes for a chance to win a lobster. And with raffle tickets for each of the lobster drawings costing only 50 cents, Medeiros says the event is expected to be fun and affordable for the whole family. 

"You're not limited to one lobster... families can end up spending less than it would cost for one lobster and go home with several lobsters," Medeiros said.

The event will also feature other raffle prizes including a dinner prepared by the Dreadnaught's own Firehouse Chef Randy Ross which will be made for the winner right in the comfort of her/her own home. Other prizes include tickets to the Pawsox, baked stuffed lobster baskets, and many more.

The Lobster Roll will kick off at 6 pm at the Dreadnaught's fire station and  participants may stop in and join in the raffle anytime before 9 pm. Refreshments will be served, free of cost, to anyone participating in the fundraiser. All proceeds from the Lobster Roll will directly support the Dreadnaught Hook Ladder & Hose Co #1.


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