Man Pulls Gun In Road Rage Incident, Lands Three In Jail

Bristol Police arrested three people following a road rage incident on Hope Street.

Bristol Police arrested three people following a road rage incident on Friday evening.

According to Bristol Police Sgt. Roman Wozny, officers were dispatched to the area of Hope Street and Asylum Road at 5:06 pm on Friday for reports of two vehicles driving erratically and running another off the road. According to police, callers also reported that one of the drivers was seen with a gun.

Sgt. Wozny says that once officers were on the scene, police took three people into custody including the drivers of both vehicles.

"The first person who was taken into custody was the driver who showed the gun, which we found to be a BB gun," Wozny said.

The driver currently faces charges of felony assault and possibly other charges. 

The driver and passenger of the second vehicle were also arrested. According to witnesses, the man repeatedly drove his vehicle into the other vehicle before running it off of the road.

The driver, a male, faces charges including assault of an officer, assault for forcing the other driver's vehicle off of the road, resisting arrest, damage to a police cruiser, disorderly conduct and reckless driving among possible other charges. His passenger, a female was also taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Police have not yet released the identities of the three parties involved in the incident.


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