OMG PD: Butter Knife Fight, DUI Suspect Insults Officer's Driving Skills

We compile eyebrow-raising police stories from across the region.

Man Calls Police After Being Kicked Out of Bar by Officer:

A Portsmouth man was arrested last Saturday the Atlantic Beach Club after he allegedly  with other barflies and was subsequently carried out of the establishment by a police officer.

But apparently the encounter didn't deter the man from attempting to put the situation right. When officers arrived in response to a 911 call, police said the man ran toward the officer, demanded he do his job and escort him back into the bar and arrest the people who threw him out. He also raised his arms and screamed “I want justice,” according to reports.

After police tried to convince him to leave, they eventually arrested the man and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Lover's Quarrel Turns Stabby:

An infuriated 19-year-old East Providence woman allegedly  after he poured bleach on her clothes last Thursday.

According to police reports, a North Providence firefighter was responding to an East Providence station reportedly saw a woman chasing after a man across a driveway. She was holding a knife and said, "I'll show you."

East Providence officers arrived on scene and inspected the apartment she and her boyfriend shared together. Officers found a pile of clothes were soiled with bleach, according to reports.

The woman said she got into a fight with her boyfriend after he poured bleach on her clothes, according to reports. She said the weapon she grabbed was only a butter knife and she had no intention to use it. She and her boyfriend were charged for arguing in public.

Man Charged With Trafficking Music Player on Foot:

A Portsmouth man was arrested last Sunday after he was seen walking on East Main Road and . He was arrested and transported to police headquarters. He was also charged with vandalism after allegedly pulling up flooring in the prison cellblock. 

DUI Suspect Nearly Hits Cop Car, Accuses Officer of Running Stop Sign:

A North Kingstown man was charged with drunk driving after he allegedly failed to stop at a yield sign in Wickford Village,  stopped at a stop sign. During the stop, Richter allegedly immediately began to accuse the officer of running a stop sign. According to reports, he also appeared to be under the influence.

After officers asked him to step out of the vehicle, the man allegedly used the side of his car to balance himself and said he had two beers at “Ricky’s house,” but refused to elaborate on the identity of Ricky. He failed field and preliminary breath tests, reads the report.

Once at headquarters, the man became more agitated – punching the walls in the processing room and yelling, according to reports. When an officer told the man that his arguing and lack of answer would be treated as a refusal, he allegedly said, “I’m not refusaling anything” and began demanding to know the officer’s address, according to reports. Richter allegedly held his breath when police attempted to administer the Breathalyzer and at one point used his tongue to stop air from passing through the mouthpiece.

Robbie Swan July 29, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Isn't the use of the term "barflies" a little judgmental. Where are your proofreaders? What do you know about the other patrons?
fran bettencourt July 29, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Agreed...I was a bit surprised by the use of the term "barflies"


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