Weapons, Drugs Seized From Bristol Home Near School That Burned

House fire on Washington Street near Guiteras School led police to numerous weapons, narcotics and drug-making gear.

Table covered with weapons and drugs seized. Bristol Police Department
Table covered with weapons and drugs seized. Bristol Police Department

Bristol police seized a cache of weapons, ammunition, drugs, drug paraphernalia and drug-making gear from the 78 Washington St. house near Guiteras School that burned on Monday night, Nov. 25.

The seizure led to the arrest of a Florida man believed to be a student at Roger Williams University on four drug possession charges, including three felony charges.

Jaret J. Moskal, 22, of Hope Sound, Fla., was arraigned on the charges in Sixth District Court on Tuesday, Nov. 26. He was released on $1,000 surety bail with a Feb. 14 date to appear in RI Superior Court.

Police officers found marijuana and a variety of other pills, including amphetamines and methamphetamines in the house rented by Moskal and a roommate, who was not charged. They also found several rifles, a shotgun, two semi-automatic weapons -- an AK-47 and an AR-15 -- and a pellet gun in the house.

The weapons were found after Bristol firefighters entered the house to extinguish the blaze on the second floor. A Lee Enfield bolt-action rifle was leaning against the wall in Moskal’s bedroom, according to the arrest report. Firefighters also found a variety of ammunition in the house.

Fire Chief Robert Martin immediately called the police department to respond. Officers also contacted Moskal after getting his name from his roommate, Kimberly Kitchener, 21, of Coronado, Calif., and asked him if there were other weapons in the house.

Moskal said there was an AK-47 in a case under his bed as well as a Beeman pellet gun, according to the arrest report. He also said there were three other firearms in his roommate’s bedroom on the second floor rear of the residence, including an AR-15 in her closet, a 12 Gauge Shotgun on her bed and a Keltech 40 Cal rifle on her bookshelf. He placed them there, police said.

It was while removing the AR-15 that police smelled the odor of marijuana and saw a half-open green duffel bag on the floor. In plain view, one of the officers observed a clear glass mason's jar full of green/brown colored leafy substance inside the duffel bag.

The officer seized the duffel bag and located two additional clear glass mason's jar full of a green/brown leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. Also in the duffel bag an officer observed a clear plastic bag containing eight orange/white pills with the inscription S489, a clear plastic bag containing 5 blue colored pills with the inscription COR 132, and a clear plastic bag containing a clear crystal substance. 

Also in plain view, according to the arrest report, were four large smoking devices as well as a black camera bag containing several small multi-colored smoking pipes. The orange-white pills were identified as Vyvanse 30 mg and the blue-colored pills were identified as Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine 10 mg.

Moskal told police that the blue pills were Adderall, the white/orange pills were Vynanse and the clear crystal was Molly, which he said belonged to him. He also said that police could search his safe. He provided the combination.

Two officers opened the safe and located a clear open mason jar with a small amount of marijuana and a clear plastic bag containing 10 blue pills with the inscription COR 132. The safe also contained several bottles of organic plant fertilizer. 


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