Who Are Your Favorite Candidates?

Give your favorite Barrington candidates for local office a boost. Tell voters why they should vote for your top choices.

Who are your favorite candidate for local Barrington offices? And why?

Give your favorite town council or school committee or legislative candidate a boost before Election Day next Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Tell Barrington voters why you plan to vote for a particular candidate. Great ideas? Talent? Character? Integrity? Knowledge? Experience? Other?

Use the comment box below. Keep it civil. No personal attacks, please.

Here is the list of candidates in the order they are listed on the ballot if you need some help. Unopposed Barrington candidate, Sen. David Bates (District 32), is not listed:

Barrington Town Council

  • June Speakman, Democrat
  • Shirley Applegate-Lockridge, Republican
  • Ann Strong, Democrat
  • Margaret Kane, Republican
  • Kate Weymouth, Democrat
  • Donald Nessing, Republican

Barrington School Committee

  • Paula Dominguez, Democrat
  • Patrick Guida, Republican
  • Robert Shea Jr., Democrat
  • Christopher Ramsden, Republican
  • Meaghan Ramsden, Republican

Legislative District 66 (Barrington-East Providence)

  • Joy Hearn, Democrat
  • Manfred Diel Jr., Republican
  • Eugene Saveory, Independent

Legislative District 67 (Barrington- Warren)

  • Jan Malik, Democrat
  • Peter Costa Jr., Republican
Gary Morse November 02, 2012 at 08:08 PM
Thanks to all the candidates for service to the community. Each candidate views service to the community through different eyes. A pressing issue for Barrington is the so called affordable housing state mandates, a definite negative for property taxes. Candidates Speakman and Weymouth believe that affordable housing should be subsidized by local residents with higher local property taxes, and voted as such in Dec 2008 on property tax breaks for Sweetbriar. Candidates Strong, Kane, and Nessing appear to believe the laws in this matter are vague, are environmentally destructive, and need to be challenged. In an interview with Jim Hummel, candidate Speakman said of the affordable housing mandate: Hummel: ``Is the 10 percent achievable?'' Speakman: ``I don't think it is, no. I think it's a noble goal..." "I've spoken with our state legislators many times about possible ways of alleviating the burden on the town" "My understanding of the General Assembly's view of this legislation is that the suburban communities need to share in the housing of people of modest incomes." http://hummelreport.com/10.25.2012.housing.html I spoke with Senator Bates and Rep Malik at the Bristol Forum on Saturday. They both said they have never spoken to Councilor Speakman on this matter. I disagree that it is "noble" to have many people in town with less subsidizing the lifestyles and property taxes for people with more, but that is what affordable housing delivers.
Manifold Witness November 02, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Thanks, David. Which candidate would you consider instead?
Manifold Witness November 02, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Thanks for input to tip the scales, INDEPENDENTINRI.
Local Mom November 04, 2012 at 11:09 AM
Elections involving incumbents is interesting - it means reviewing their real-time accountability on past issues as well examining their proposed vision. But few voters remember what some incumbents contribute, and many tend to go with familiar or easy. How do we get our state govt to get rid of the incredibly ridiculous single lever - only state in the nation that has this??
kay chapin November 06, 2012 at 01:13 AM
I know Shirley Applegate Lockhart personally and she will make an outstanding representative for Barrington! She is smart and a dedicated and diligent worker who also has high integrity! We need more like her on the Town Council.


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