Does Your Nonprofit Need Help? Try Roger Williams University's CPC

The Bristol-based university offers no-cost assistance to government agencies and nonprofits through its Community Partnership Center — and the deadline for new applications is approaching.


It's nearly always the case that any project undertaken by nonprofit organizations requires two things: people and money.

Given the uncertainty of funding sources — and, as a result, the ability of nonprofits to hire new staff — many organizations face the twin obstacles of too little money and too few people.

That's where the Community Partnership Center (CPC) at Roger Williams University comes in, by offering and organizing real-world experiences for its students to provide no-cost help to nonprofit groups in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

[In Bristol, the CPC is overseeing the ongoing work to propose new uses for the Historic Marine Armory on Thames Street, among other projects.]

CPC Director Arnold Robinson recently spoke with Patch about the Center's work, and the April 22 deadline for upcoming applications for service projects.

If your nonprofit could use the CPC's help, use the following links for more information:


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