4th Photo Contest Winners Displayed

The remaining two categories are now on display at Paper Packaging and Panache.

Independence Day is approaching and Bristol is preparing to celebrate. Among the early events is the annual photo contest.

After the entries have been scrutinized by professional photographers, the Fourt of July Committee has made its picks. Several amateur shutterbugs from throughout the region have earned bragging rights and some exposure as their works are displayed in the front windows of . The top three in the "Celebrations" and "Creative" categories are now displayed. The winners in the in the wondows of .

The contest winners in "Celebrations" and Creative" include:


1st: Music in the Air, by Nancy Securo-Gibbmeyer
2nd: Little Captain at the Wheel, by Lynn Bethune
3rd: Bristol's American Girl Emma, by Donna Wilson


1st: The Road Not Taken, by Nicole McGovern
2nd: Mind Set, by Pam Marsden
3rd: Man By The Sea, by Audrey Cabral


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