Cody Burnett
Email: PatchCodyMB@gmail.com
Hometown: Bristol, RI Birthday: January 18  Journalist, Martial Artist, Writer, Photographer, Adventurer... Bio: Cody Burnett is a native Bristolian. A graduate of the Bristol public school system, Cody now attends the University of Rhode Island where he is working towards a degree in Journalism.   About Me: When people ask me why I chose journalism as a profession the only answer I can come up with is that I am just too curious to do anything else. I have a passion for politics, travel, martial arts, culture, history, science and the list goes on. Journalism allows me the opportunity to explore an incredible variety of interests and places me in a position to learn something new everyday.   Political Views: I believe in the constitution. I tend to lean slightly conservative and would be closest to a libertarian, however, I think for myself not a party and do not like to put a political label on myself. Being aware of my political biases allows me to keep them out of my reporting.
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