Leigh Medeiros
I started writing when I was five years-old. I still have my very first poem written in blue crayon. It's around here somewhere. When I got older I went to college and studied fine arts and English. As a freelancer I've worked as a reporter for The Block Island Times and as a blogger for ExploreNewEngland.com. Awhile back I was also bitten by the screenwriting bug. Earlier this year I became a Screenwriting Fellow through the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts.
In 2008 I moved to Warren from Providence to open a fine art gallery in a charming little historic building on Water Street. This proved to be a tragic idea when, shortly thereafter, the economy went to pieces. Nonetheless, the gallery hung on for nearly two years during which time I provided a lot of free wine and cheese to locals, a sure fire way to make friends. After the gallery closed, I couldn't imagine moving away from this town with its artists, grassroots community, beaches, marshes, bike path, charming small businesses and delicious restaurants.  You can find me, along with my boyfriend Mark and adorable Rottweiler, Monkey, meandering along the East Bay Bike Path (or, when it's cold, enjoying a hot beverage at the Coffee Depot.)
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